What to do in Athens if you have only few hours or days?

We have the solution, our one-two days tours are here for you.


A few words about the Greek capital:

Athens is one of Europe’s most exciting cities, famous for its world-famous archaeological treasures with many different facets, an exciting gastronomic scene and new neighbourhoods you’ll love to discover. An enduring symbol of democracy, philosophy and all the great ideals of the ancients. Athens offers a unique way to live in the moment. It is an inventive city, alive day and night and full of surprises.

Did you know that Athens has beaches less than half an hour from the centre? Or that in addition to Athens’ museums with their archaeological treasures, there are contemporary art galleries, parks and other beautiful green spaces in the city? So, no matter what you are interested in exploring, the city will offer you whatever you are looking for.

Acropolis & Parthenon Walking Tour

Historical places that I can visit in Greece?

One -two days tours are the ideal choice for an unforgettable holiday in Greece.

As well as being able to tour the major centre of Athens, you can experience the adventure just outside it in one of the following destinations:



The temple of Poseidon in Sounion emits the most special energy you will ever encounter at an archaeological site!

Built at the same time as the Parthenon, during the Golden Age of Pericles. It was not just a place of worship of the god of the sea. Inside the temple, right in the centre, there was an imposing statue of Poseidon more than 6 metres high. Its prominent position over the sea at the southeastern tip of Attica made the temple a sign to sailors that it was close to Piraeus. Apart from the archaeological site you can enjoy the nearby beach. Really, where else can you swim in crystal clear waters overlooking the marble columns of an ancient Greek temple?

When the horizon is clear, Kea, Kythnos and even Serifos to the southeast and Aegina to the west can be seen from the temple of Poseidon. Your experience will be completed in the best way by one of the most magical sunsets of your life… Oh, and something you may not know… Among the fascinated visitors to the temple of Poseidon are many famous people. One of them, the British poet and philhellene, Lord Byron (19th century). Even felt so enchanted that he carved his name into one of the temple’s stones.



Epidaurus boasts both its natural beauty and the fact that it has been home to world heritage sites for thousands of years. The greatest tourist interest is attracted by the Great Theatre of Epidaurus, which is one of the best preserved ancient theatres with amazing acoustics and a capacity of 15,000 spectators.



The city that hosted the most important oracle of the ancient Greek world. Delphi was the navel of the earth, where, according to mythology, the two eagles sent by Zeus from the end of the universe to find the centre of the world met, and for many centuries it was the spiritual and religious centre and symbol of the unity of ancient Hellenism.

Cape Sounio Sunset

For the summer, the most beautiful tour of one-two days or more is a cruise.

If you love the sound of the sea, the beautiful idyllic landscape it creates and exploring the many beautiful beaches, the narrow streets of the islands and the archaeological sites, then you will love to take a cruise.


Divine blue of the sea, dazzling white and golden hues of sand. All these together becoming one, make you want to enjoy summer without end. It seems as if this season was made for you to spend it on the Aegean island. And the nearby islands of the Argosauronic.


Moreover, there are a few more destinations that are ideal for one-two days tours:


The most glorified sanctuary of ancient Greece, dedicated to Zeus, and the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Imagine the glory and the wisdom of a civilization that enchanted the whole world, and embark on a journey through history to the greatness of ancient Greece.



A monument of nature… The majestic rocks of Meteora tower imposingly in Kalambaka and constitute a unique geological phenomenon of unique beauty and an important monument of Orthodoxy.



The kingdom of the mythical Agamemnon is the most important & richest palatial centre of the Late Bronze Age in Greece. One of the most popular archaeological sites in Greece guides you through its history!

Καλοκαιρινές διακοπές στην Ελλάδα

Let’s look at some options you can join if you are interested in short excursions, with the protection, safety as well as the beautiful company of a group.


Excursions to the city centre:

Excursions to nearby locations outside the city:

Cruises in the blue waters of the Greek coast:

Multi-day excursions to the most historic parts of the city: